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ERP Consultancy Services

Custom ERP provides you an upper hand to customise the ERP features. It is a planning software system that helps in the process of managing and supervising the vital components of Business processes, finance and many other services.

  • Planning an effective and precise implementation.
  • Providing client’s the best possible service.
  • Post Implementation Support.
  • Keeps you updated and ahead between the competitors.

A good consultant will keep the project on track by following a road-tested methodology, listening to and guiding the client, mitigating project risks, and handling the psychological aspects of change.

ERP Consultancy

App Development Services

Mobile application innovation has now become a fundamental requirement for each business to contend and fill quickly in the continuous flaring business sector. Our necessities, requests, and mentality of expecting results immediately have made the mobile application market broader than any other time in recent memory.

  • Our best quality services add value to the customers and they can access your service anywhere.
  • Streamlining your services & products with customers and making them easily accessible.
  • Each operating system has its own programming interface for dealing with applications.

The mobile utility offers businesses an exciting occasion to definitely recognize their clients. All the more explicitly, a utility gives an effective technique to organizations to acquire, observe, and have an impact on customer records.

App Development Services

Responsive Web Design and Development

We build something uniquely special, that your users will find worth engaging and would love to explore every time they visit your website. We not only establish a functional and appreciable website but also make it mobile responsive, so that it delivers the same essence as your desktop version on other devices.

  • The data processing of web application is pretty much faster and more stable user-interface.
  • Readily Availability of the support team for the communication on every query or issue of the customer.
  • Website development under the hands of season’s experts with the right and technologically skilled team.

As the use of desktops for web browsing has decreased and the usage of smart phones has increased, we need to ensure that the websites designed by us can be browsed on any device.

Responsive Web Design and Development

In-depth Analysis With Suitable Solutions

Our custom systems are designed in such a way that you can access them on any of your appliances, including desktop, mobile & tablet, any other operating system, or by any of the browsers seamlessly. Our software development team always looks for the best way to utilize the given resources.

  • We provide professional assistance from our top consultants who offer you the solutions catering all your business needs.
  • We keep your website secure from any of the potential harm and also offer 24X7 online supports.
  • We believe in building a stable relationship with all of our clients and customers that is only nourished with time.

We focus on building enterprise application software (EAS), business intelligence solutions, custom eLearning development, data visualization tools. We specialize in helping organizations make their website the hub of communications for business.

custom solution

Custom Software for Small and Medium Business

Custom Software for Small and Medium Business

Advantages of Software Development

what we do

Nowadays software development proves to be a critical function that assists in the clean conductivity of an enterprise with minimal attempt. The usage of enterprise software improvement is capable to perform a hundred percent of your commercial enterprise necessities. Software improvement methodology is in fact the complete system Outsourcing vs. out staffing passed through within the evolution of software. To reach your clients, you have to be capable of making your presence felt on their emails, web-pages, and cellular telephones.

It sucks to overlook an app improvement cut-off date, would not it? How many groups have you worked with inside the past that promised you one factor and added something else? We remember the fact that transport rapid to test out your speculation is the deal-breaker for all businesses, large and small alike.


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We Create Solutions that Empower Your Business

Tech Ojas is a responsive software development organization based in Nagpur that gives strategic consulting, enterprise resource planning (ERP), custom development, website & portals, virtual advertising, cellular app development, servers & hostings, outsourcing and lots of internet-related services that your brand needs to market itself on the arena big network.

We consciousness on product reports and help you ship the minimal viable product (MVP) notable-rapid to market, offering you with time to construct your own team and cognizance on different essential metrics even as we contend with your generation. not on-time releases, buggy apps, and bad customer reports are the effects of a sincerely bad app improvement procedure in the vicinity. Our development technique was perfected over the years with the focus on asking the right questions and planning/prototyping/iterating.